Menopause symptoms?

It can also be free of complaints

The term menopause describes the period in a woman's life when the body's own production of the sex hormones, estrogens, declines and thus the ability to reproduce.
During this time, those affected often complain of insomnia, loss of energy, hot flashes, headaches, decreased libido, nervousness, low metabolism, hair loss, mood swings - up to depression.
These unpleasant side effects cannot always be completely eliminated. However, it is possible to significantly reduce the length and intensity of the symptoms in a natural way, so that those affected can cope with the changed situation much better.
The goal must be to bring the body and thus health back into balance. To achieve this, it is essential that you rethink your diet and lifestyle habits and change them as necessary. 
I would be happy to help you feel better and feel good about yourself again.