"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food."

Hippocrates (Kos, ca.460 v. Chr.- Larissa, 370 v. Chr.)

With the right nutrition, we help our body to regain its natural self-healing power and stay healthy.

You will be offered a range of scientifically based, naturopathic measures for a sustainable approach to the causes of your health problems, respectively for better health and more well-being.

Modern nutrition is based on the latest medical research, with an emphasis on the effects of the various ingredients from food on the body.

The consultation is not limited to your eating habits, but also includes the balance between your work and private life, health status, psyche, sleep patterns, stress and exercise. Only when we look at the body, soul and spirit as a whole can we stay healthy.

The goal of my coaching is to ensure that nutrition provides your body with the optimal nutrients from within and that you also learn what self-care means so that you become stronger and happier. This is not achieved through diet, but through a long-term optimized diet and a healthy self-awareness.

Together we look for the cause of your complaints and I guide you on the way to an improved feeling of well-being and healthy vitality.


I provide nutritional advice and guide you with:


Food sensitivities and food intolerances

Strengthening the immune system

Digestive Problems

Gastrointestinal complaints

Under or overweight

Fatigue, exhaustion, concentration problems, sleep disorder

Menopausal complaints

Asses your concerns and let’s

Find out how to meet them best.